Wednesday 25 October 2023

Fungi Galore!

17th October 2023 - Andy and Polly M joined a lunchtime 'Autumn Walk' around Granta Park, led by Iain Webb from the Wildlife Trust.  It has seemingly been a good year for fungi, since there was something new to see at virtually every step!  A great walk!

From the Giant Puffball, bigger than a football, right down to tiny white Mycena toadstools bearly a centimetre across. Whilst it was not possible to identify everything we saw on the walk, I have tried to add names where I could from the photographs.

Giant Puffballs - each larger than a football

Giant Puffball - and older one showing the spore mass inside

Milk-cap fungus - a funnel-shaped cap with orange gills

Jelly-ear fungus

A type of Coral fungus, a Clavaria spp.

Grisette fungus, Amanita vaginata
with a delicate fluting around the cap

Unknown, possibly a Waxcap species

A tiny one, barely a centimetre across. 
Possibly a type of 'Porcelain' fungus.

A type of Crust fungus - looking like a large scab on the log

Another tiny one, only 1-2cm high, probably a Mycena species

A neat row of Common Puffball

Turkey Tail fungus

A Parasol Mushroom, showing signs of wear and tear.

Clustered Bonnet fungus

Sulphur Tuft, a Hypholoma spp

Hairy Curtain Crust fungus, growing on oak

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