Friday 23 August 2019

Wasp Spiders found on Granta Park, and Little Abington

After a few years of searching suitable habitats, Darren Bast has recently found 'at least three female Wasp Spider (Agriope bruennichi) in the lakeside meadow' on Granta Park.

A relatively recent introduction from Europe, the strikingly coloured Wasp Spider can now be found across much of Southern England, spreading north. With a body size of 1-2cm, the females build large orb webs in grassland and heathland, and attaches silk egg-sacs to the grasses.  Whilst mimicking a wasp for protection, it feeds on grasshoppers, and is non-dangerous to humans.

Since Darren's first report, a further Wasp Spider was reported by Marion R in her garden (23rd August).

Photos Darren Bast

Photo Matthew Gant, Marion R's gardener (23rd Aug)

A further photo was taken of the same Wasp Spider, after it had produced a large egg sack.
Photo Bill Rusted (18th Sept)

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