Sunday 25 November 2018

Abington birds this week

Jennifer H had some very colourful visitors to her garden this week - alongside her regular Nuthatch, was this Green Woodpecker with the brightest of red heads! Both male and female have this lovely colouring, with the male, as here, also having a red centre to the black patch under the eye.

Peter B was lucky enough to get a close-up view of a Goldcrest on his garden table today.  Maybe it was tired or hungry, or just fancied a rest - either way it stayed around long enough for Peter to get his camera.  This is probably a female, as the crown strip in the males often has a more orangy tinge.

Andy M finally managed to catch up with the Starling murmuration at dusk over the Granta Park lake, which has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Small flocks of Starlings start to gather and circle around, gradually building to this flock of around 1000-1500 birds, seen at 3:30pm, just before plunging into the reedbeds to roost.

Andy also took a short video (click on link below to view)
Starling Murmuration - Granta Park

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The Aims of Abington Naturewatch

At their meeting on 9 April 2005 the members approved this revised version of the aims of Abington Naturewatch:

  • To monitor and record the wildlife (fauna & flora) within the borders of the Abingtons;
  • To encourage protection of our wildlife, maintain its quality and foster its diversity;
  • To promote awareness of the richness, potential and problems of the natural environment of the Abingtons;
  • To cooperate in improving access to the local natural environment for the benefit of all Abington villagers.

Pat Daunt, Founder

The organisation is informal and communication is by email if possible; members are notified of events from time to time. Contact details are maintained by a small "project team". There is currently no membership fee as costs are covered by voluntary contributions at events.

Members are encouraged to report notable sightings of flora and fauna within the Abingtons to the appropriate sector coordinator and an illustrated record is published annually.

A map of the area covered, with some features noted, is available here:>

For more information or to join, please contact David Farrant on (01223) 892871.

Contributions to our records should be sent to sector contacts or either of the above. Photographs may also be submitted to Andy Merryweather (